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Zoom Sombrero shade - Albert Watson

Sombrero shade - Albert Watson

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Baby Beaver Grooming after a Swim [x]

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do you do custom art pieces?

Asked by Anonymous

I do, send me your idea to my email   😀

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Zoom Click here to read the whole thing n_n

Click here to read the whole thing n_n

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Zoom SJ ⚓️ Rum&C̸o̸k̸e̸ ToniCol👌Para el calorsito ☀️

SJ ⚓️ Rum&C̸o̸k̸e̸ ToniCol👌Para el calorsito ☀️

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Zoom [x]  


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Zoom Creep 🐱💕

Creep 🐱💕

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How do you feel about someone getting one of your images tattooed on them? I came across the picture of Mexico w roses in it a while back and fell completely and totally in love w it! I really want to get it on my skin.

Asked by theovarianbarbarian

I don’t mind, go for it!! (^ー^✿)  ,  here you can read other answer to similar questions.

and to anyone reading this, im okay if you get a tattoo of my designs just ask first and credit me please, or you could also buy a print on my Etsy shop.

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Hey, I just wanted to say that I absolutely love the work that you do. I'm actually really inspired by it because I've been wanting to get a tattoo that really connects to my roots and I just fell in love with the theme of your work. Would you mind if I somehow took the aspect of your Mexican loteria style and had it tweaked a little but also give credit to you because I've been wanting it for a long time and It's hard to find a style that fits. If not I completely understand! -Perla, Chicago

Asked by sleepinghost

Alo Perla, I wouldn’t mind.
i appreciate you asked first. 
Me encantaría ver cómo incorporas mis diseños en tu tatuaje.
Saludos ^-^

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Beach Pin Ups by Bill Medcalf

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Zoom “Feathered Serpent" by:Alejandra L. Manriquez.

Feathered Serpentby:Alejandra L. Manriquez.

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How would you feel if someone wanted to get some of your artwork tattooed on them? Some of your artwork really speaks to me on a personal level. xoxo

Asked by Anonymous

I guess i need to make a Frequently Asked QUESTION page, but to answer your question now. If you buy a print or just by asking me I don’t mind, and also as long as they credit me then it’s ok 😊

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Zoom Crazy Kitty! [x]

Crazy Kitty! [x]

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